What will Tencent Cloud and STMicroelectronics do together?



At the Tencent Cloud IoT Ecological Summit 2019, Tencent Cloud's Tencent Cloud IoT and semiconductor supplier STMicroelectronics announced that the two parties will cooperate on Tencent's latest IoT operating system TencentOS Tiny.

TencentOS Tiny is a real-time operating system developed by Tencent for the Internet of Things field. It is open source and features low power consumption, low resource occupation, modularity, security and reliability. The operating system has covered mainstream IoT application scenarios and supports more than 50+ hardware platforms, including many MCU and module manufacturers such as NXP, Huada Semiconductor, and Zhaoyi Semiconductor.

By embedding the STM32 LoRaWAN software extension package in the TencentOS Tiny operating system, this cooperation will allow simple and seamless access to a one-stop software solution on the Tencent Cloud IoT development platform IoT Explorer, thereby accelerating the implementation of large-scale IoT applications. On-line speed.

Arnaud Julienne, Head of Microcontrollers and Digital IC Products, STMicroelectronics Asia Pacific, and Head of IoT / AI Competence Center and Digital Marketing, Asia Pacific, said: "As a 32-bit MCU market leader, we rely on ST ’s strong ecosystem With strong advantages such as system and IoT-related infrastructure, STM32 naturally becomes the preferred cooperation platform for Tencent's IoT operating system. Based on Tencent's market-leading IoT platform, combined with STMicroelectronics' advanced LoRaWAN solution and our powerful STM32 ecosystem , Both parties will be committed to providing a first-class development experience for Chinese IoT developers and customers. "

Wang Yachen, general manager of Tencent Cloud Network, said: "ST is an important MCU product partner in Tencent Cloud IoT solutions. We will work closely to continuously expand the IoT business ecosystem and open a new chapter in the Industrial IoT."

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