Windows7 officially retires


Starting today (Tuesday, January 14) to officially stop supporting all computers running Windows 7, which means that it will no longer release any software updates to millions of computers running Windows 7, including software that prevents cyber attacks Patch updates.

  Microsoft said that our computers can continue to use and run Windows 7, but because there is no continuous software security update, the device is at high risk of virus threats and malware attacks. In addition to discontinuing all software updates to Windows 7, Microsoft also said it no longer provides Microsoft customer service to provide Windows 7 technical support.

Windows 7 was launched in 2009. In January 2015, Microsoft stopped mainstream support for Windows 7. Since the advent of Windows 10, Microsoft has been persuading users to upgrade their systems.

  In order to give users time to transition and upgrade the new system, Microsoft officially reminded users in March 2019 that they would stop updating the Windows 7 system.

  Although Microsoft reminds users that there will be security risks if they do not upgrade the system, many users stick to the Windows 7 or lower system camp.

  According to data from third-party organizations, as of December 2019, the Windows 10 system market share reached 54.62%, ranking first, and the Windows 7 system market share was 26.64%, followed closely behind.

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