Human Resources
Talent Concept

Employing:Let the person who wants the officer have the opportunity to let the person who has the officer have a position, so that the person who does the job has a return

Selection:Cultural identity, both ability and political integrity, the company does not need four kinds of people: "I don't know how to restrain myself, I don't know how to be grateful to people, I don't want to do my best, I don't know how to cherish things."

Educating people: atmosphere edification, environmental tempering example guide, experience precipitation

Retaining people: career retention, culture retention, emotional retention

Cadre appointment: to create a "doing home" type management team, cadres can get on and off

Company Welfare

Staff Style
Recruiting Talent
The company regards talents as the first resource, respects talents, and cherishes talents. We are willing to gather together with the world to achieve a common cause, develop together and develop together to create a common growth!
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