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1) Business consulting, product demonstration, technical exchange
2) Customized product solutions according to customer needs

For sale

1) Recognize samples, technical documentation, product training, and assist product certification
2) Qualified controller products, accessories, test fixtures, product installation instructions

After sale

1) Shelf life return and after-sales service
2) Technical support, quality problem handling
3) Online upgrade of some products

Cooperation Process
  • Program customization

  • Sample approval

  • Take orders

  • Production delivery

  • Reconciliation settlement

  • After sales service

    Program customization:

    Provide matching product solutions based on customer project requirements, rough quotes;

    Sample approval:

    provide structural samples, functional samples, trial samples, trial production samples and acknowledgement materials to the customer for signature confirmation;

    To undertake an order:

    sign a contract with the customer, confirm the price, receive the customer's order, reply to the delivery after the review, confirm the order;

    Production delivery:

    purchasing materials, organizing production, and delivering customer products on time and in quantity;

    Reconciliation settlement:

    provide reconciliation of statements with customers, settlement;

    After-sales service:

    provide product optimization and upgrade, after-sales maintenance, technical support, etc.;

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