Our Advantage
Customization Ability
With industry-leading, technology and process mature solutions, and constantly optimize and improve
Development Capability
Unique advantages in new technology and new technology pre-research, technical research and problem solving
Delivery Ability
The production capacity is stable, sufficient, and expandable to ensure that customer order delivery needs are met
Service Guarantee
Established a professional after-sales service team to provide customers with fast after-sales service guarantee.
Product Center
  • Intelligent temperature control technology, low power, high power, low temperature non-combustion, guaranteeing taste

  • Smart appliances, easy to use, multiple types, multi-function options

  • Smart home system to create a comfortable, safe, energy-efficient living space

  • Intelligent care products, experience first, essential for leisure and health

About Us

    Shenzhen Timeyaa Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in July 2012, located in Shenzhen Baoan district, the core district of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Grater Bay Area. The company is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of controller products and solutions for household appliances, smart home, health care and e-cigarettes. Timeyaa is a National High-tech enterprise, a standing director of Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association, a Double-soft-certified

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    Annual meeting report | "Work together, win-win, share together, build a dream 2020" On the evening of January 5, 2020, Shenzhen Timeyaa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. held the theme annual meeting of “Working Together, Win-Win, Sharing, and Building a Dream 2020” in Shenzhen Meihua Cultural and Creative Museum.
    Sharing with the same heart, creating a win-win situation together | Timeyaa 2019 Hunan Luzhou Tour The wind is beautiful and the autumn is full. On the three-day tour of Zhangzhou, colleagues will accompany you. On September 20th, the employees of Taimei Asia bid farewell to the city, put down their work pressure, and came to a trip that said they would leave. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature, everyone has enhanced the feelings of colleagues and fully felt the team spirit of sharing together, being together and sharing happiness.
    Timeyaa Baoan Branch is grand opening! On the morning of April 30, 2019, the opening ceremony of Baoan Branch of ShenzhenTimeyaa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was held.
    Forehead gun is not accurate for body temperature measurement? How to detect it correctly? See what experts say Qin Shuwei of Ningbo Metrology and Testing Research Institute introduced that the infrared forehead thermometer is a type of non-contact thermometer, which uses the relationship between the thermal radiation of the object and the temperature of the object to measure the temperature.
    Windows7 officially retires Starting today (Tuesday, January 14) to officially stop supporting all computers running Windows 7, which means that it will no longer release any software updates to millions of computers running Windows 7, including software that prevents cyber attacks Patch updates.
    What will Tencent Cloud and STMicroelectronics do together? At the Tencent Cloud IoT Ecological Summit 2019, Tencent Cloud_sqlquote_s Tencent Cloud IoT and semiconductor supplier STMicroelectronics announced that the two parties will cooperate on Tencent_sqlquote_s latest IoT operating system TencentOS Tiny.
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