Concentrate and move forward - Timeyaa 2021 staff team building activity




On November 13, 2021, the company carefully held a fun sports meeting to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees and enhance the cohesion of the Timeyaa family. This sports meeting integrates sports, culture, fun, intelligence, etc., so that colleagues can enjoy happiness from playing and get harvest from joy.


In order to enhance the collective sense of honor and the teamwork ability, the contestants were reorganized into eight square teams: Skyrocket Team, One Unique Team, Shenzhou III team, More with less team, All corners team, Lucky team, Colorful team, Domineering exposed team.


    At 9:30 a.m., the sports meeting officially kicked off after a wonderful speech by the GM. There are a total of six events in this Games, and each team is striving for the first place with the team spirit!


Lucky Balls: All the team members hold the colored balls to run back and forth. This collective project focuses on the overall efficiency of the team. If the front wants speed blindly, the rear will be left behind if they are not careful. At the same time, this is a running project, so it can exercise running ability and cardiopulmonary function very well.


Super Obstacle Race: The team members cross the inflatable gantry, inflatable hurdles, cross the ground net, and cross the balance beam in turn. This project trains the jumping ability, reaction ability and combination of speed and strength of our team members, which can enhance the participants to challenge themselves and surpass the limit Confidence.


Golden compass: It tests the teamwork awareness among our players. It requires the players to keep pace, act in the same way, and command the captain properly, so that the players can save their physical strength and improve their game performance.


Startling by Each Step: This project tests the balance ability and courage of our team members. In the face of the difficulties that come, everyone chooses to move forward bravely. In addition, in the game, we are opponents and teammates at the same time. The two teams are united and progress together.


Concentric drumming: It has exercised our team's communication and organizational skills. Only by uniting as one and taking effective methods can we hit more drum in a shorter time.

Tug of war: It enhances our team cohesion and team strength. The strength of the team is far greater than the individual, and the cohesion of the strength of the individual forms an infinite team strength. Many things are impossible for us to do alone, but if we work together as a team and are not afraid of wind and rain, we can eventually overcome difficulties.


The successful holding of this sports meeting not only relaxes the body and mind of the colleagues, but also sharpens the will and quality of the colleagues to overcome difficulties, cultivates the cooperation spirit, and enhances the collective sense of honor!

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