Annual meeting report | "Work together, win-win, share together, build a dream 2020"



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The evening of January 5, 2020

Shenzhen Timeyaa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

“Work together, win-win, share, build a dream 2020”

Annual conference

Held in Shenzhen Meihua Cultural and Creative Museum

Annual meeting begins

After the host's enthusiastic opening remarks

The party officially kicked off

The main content of the party is

Speech by the General Manager, performances, awards and sweepstakes


节目 合唱.jpg

Message from the General Manager


At the party, the general manager of Taimeiya gave a speech

He stated


It was a year of hard work

A year of hard work

It's been a year the company bucked the trend

Timeyaa's rapid development

Landmark year

In 2019

Our trading solution company with more than 60 people from the beginning of the year

Gradually developed into more than 200 people today

An advanced manufacturing enterprise integrating research, production and sales

Review 2019

We set up our own manufacturing base

Configured with six new Yamaha SMT production lines

Seven DIP production lines

Two wave soldering lines

And passed UL ZPVI2 certification

In the situation where the e-cigarette industry has entered a period of lows

While the company is doing a good e-cigarette solution

Completed in smart home, health care, new energy, etc.

business development in the controller field

And quickly turn new projects into mass production delivery

Full year sales performance achieved steady growth

Looking forward to 2020

We will continue to strengthen the foundation and strengthen our strength

Further expansion of production capacity

Meet customers and future development needs

The company will always focus on the intelligent controller industry

In the field of controllers such as electronic cigarettes, home appliances, smart homes, health care, new energy, power tools, etc.

Increase market and R & D investment

Continue to improve manufacturing capabilities and levels

Promote the rapid development of the company

Take a new step

Dream building 2020

Looking back, we look forward to the future

We are full of ambition, we are on our way

Looking ahead, we look forward to glory

Go hand in hand, we will shine

Work together, win-win, share

Dream building 2020

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